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When she does it is with the deliberate majesty of a Dido. Her small, plump feet melt to the ground like snow-flakes, and her figure sways to the indolent motion of her limbs with a glorious grace and yieldingness quite indescribable. She was idling slowly up the Mall one evening, just at twilight, with a servant at a short distance behind her, who, to while away the time between her steps, was employing himself in throwing stones at the cows feeding upon the common. A gentleman, with a natural admiration for her splendid person, addressed her.

He might have done a more eccentric thing.

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Without troubling herself to look at him, she turned to her servant and requested him, with a yawn of desperate ennui , to knock that fellow down! John obeyed his orders; and, as his mistress resumed her lounge, picked up a new 76 handful of pebbles, and tossing one at the nearest cow, loitered lazily after. Such supreme indolence was irresistible.

I gave in—I who never before could summon energy to sigh—I to whom a declaration was but a synonym for perspiration—I—who had only thought of love as a nervous complaint, and of women but to pray for a good deliverance—I—yes—I knocked under. Albina McLush!

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Human sensibilities cannot hold out for ever. I found her one morning sipping her coffee at twelve, with her eyes wide open. She was just from the bath, and her complexion had a soft, dewy transparency, like the cheek of Venus rising from the sea. It was the hour, Lurly had told me, when she would be at the trouble of thinking. She put away with her dimpled forefinger, as I entered, a cluster of rich curls that had fallen over her face, and nodded to me like a water-lily swaying to the wind when its cup is full of rain.

The conversation fell into short sentences, and the dialogue became monologue. I entered upon my declaration with the assistance of Beltina, who supplied her mistress with cologne. I kept her attention alive through the incipient circumstances. Symptoms were soon told. I came to the avowal.

Her hand lay reposing on the arm of the sofa, half buried in a muslin foulard. I took it up. I pressed the cool, soft fingers to my lips—unforbidden. I rose and looked into her eyes for confirmation. Delicious creature! I never have had courage to renew the subject. Miss McLush seems to have forgotten it altogether. Upon reflection, too, I am convinced she would not survive the 77 excitement of the ceremony, unless, indeed, she should sleep between the responses and the prayer. I am still devoted, however, and if there should come a war or an earthquake, or if the millennium should commence, as it is expected, in , or if anything happens that can keep her waking so long, I shall deliver a declaration abbreviated for me by a scholar friend of mine, which he warrants may be articulated in fifteen minutes—without fatigue.

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Here, here, enough of this nonsense! Why should you sing about that which you think peculiar to yourselves, when, as a matter of fact, all tribes, nations, and classes are alike? They make a gay old couple. The one is about as useful as the other. Say, old fellow, you must have been a great chap beyond all our memories! I say, old chap, where did you ever manage to store all your scalps? Old Chief to Medicine Man. What shall I say to these young men?

Medicine Man. I should not answer them. The proper thing to do is to assume a dignified silence. He was mightily pleased with the reception of that poem of his about the chaise. He spoke to me once or twice about another poem of similar character he wanted to read me, which I told him I would listen to and criticise. One day, after dinner, he came in with his face tied up, looking very red in the cheeks, and heavy about the eyes.

After he had got calm, he pulled out a sheet or two of manuscript, together with a smaller scrap, on which, as he said, he had just been writing an introduction or prelude to the main performance. A certain suspicion had come into my mind that the Professor was not quite right, which was confirmed by the way he talked; but I let him begin. Here I thought it necessary to interpose. Your articulation is confused.

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You have told 84 me three times in succession, in exactly the same words, that I was the only true friend you had in the world that you would unbutton your heart to. You smell distinctly and decidedly of spirits. He held it up for me to look at, and lifted his eyes, brimful, till they met mine. Upset his alcohol lamp,—he said,—and spilt the alcohol on his legs. That was it. But what had he been doing to get his head into such a state—had he really committed an excess?

What was the matter?

But we ort to try to be 94 contented with that spear of life we are called on to handle. They would drop their heads before my keen grey eyes—and move off the subject. She thinks she talks dreadful polite and proper. She used to write for the opposition paper, the Jonesville Gimlet , but the editer of the Augur , a long-haired chap, who moved into Jonesville a few months ago, lost his wife soon after he come there, and sence that she has turned Dimocrat, and writes for his paper stiddy. I never shall forget the first piece of her poetry I ever see. This was the way it read—.

I showed the poetry to Josiah that night after he came home, and told him I had read it. Oh no, for the deep principle of my sect was reared up.

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I daresay you acted foolish enough round her to sicken a snipe, and if you makes fun of her now to please me, I let you know you have got holt of the wrong individual. He is a well principled man. She came in here one day last week. I met her with outward calm, and asked her set down and lay off her things. I like it evah so much. We think, however, that she could study such writers as Sylvanus Cobb, and Tupper, with profit both to herself and to them. Here Betsey interrupted me. I looked right at her most a minute with a majestic look.

In spite of her false curls, and her new white ivory teeth, she is a humbly critter. I looked at her silently while she sot and twisted her long yellow bunnet-strings, and then I spoke out. Uncongenial being, you know me not. And pity never seems so much like pity as when it is given to the deah little children of widowehs. And affinity, that is the meanest word I ever heard; no married woman has any right to hear it.

Brer fox, he lay low. De tar-baby, she sot dar, she did, en brer fox, he lay low. Is you deaf? She des hilt on, en den brer rabbit lose de use er his feet in de same way. En den he butted, en his head got stuck. IT was in the latter part of August of that year that it became necessary for some one in the office in which I was engaged to go to St.

Louis to attend to important business.

Everything seemed to point to me as the fit person, for I understood the particular business better than any one else. I felt that I ought to go, but I did not altogether like to do it. I went home, and Euphemia and I talked over the matter far into the regulation sleeping hours. There were very good reasons why we should go for of course I would not think of taking such a journey without Euphemia.