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How to Create a Prayer Strategy That Will Change Every Thing

Some people keep a prayer list. Some simply ask for prayer requests from the family. Whatever your approach, pray about at least one thing suggested to you and your family by the Scripture passage you have read. If praying through Psalm 23, for instance, after reading the first verse you might thank the Lord for being your Shepherd, ask him to shepherd your family through certain events or decisions, and so forth.

As you have time, continue through the passage line by line, speaking to God about what comes to mind while reading the text. If possible, get songbooks for everyone. Your church may have some unused or older ones closeted away that you could acquire, perhaps at no cost. Your pastor or a worship leader at your church may be able to recommend other songbooks too. The lyrics of many older, public domain that is, not copyrighted songs are also available free on the Internet.

Some people sing a different song each time; some sing the same song for a week so they can learn it.

What do you mean by “strategic prayer”? Part I

As to music, some families sing along with recordings, while others use family musicians. Why not just read and pray and omit singing? For starters, the earliest record of Christian family worship describes a pattern of reading Scripture, praying together, and singing praise to God. Second, when you examine a list of the activities the Bible says to do in worship, only three things on that already short list are equally as appropriate in family worship or in private worship as in congregational worship.

Those activities are reading the Bible, praying, and singing. So, what should we do in family worship? Be brief, otherwise the experience can become tedious. A good average time to read the Bible, pray, and sing is roughly ten minutes, perhaps less if you have very small children. It is usually easy to lengthen the time if the occasion seems to be especially meaningful and family members are asking questions. Try to have a regular time each day for family worship. While in London, he was active in the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches in England; and served the Fellowship as president.

He is committed to preaching the Bible in a way that nourishes the soul by directing attention to Jesus Christ.

He has published several books with Moody Publishers and is the teacher of the popular evangelistic video series, 10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible Story. Follow Donate. Listen Archives Podcast Watch on Lightsource. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post.

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Take care and keep at it. Hi, welcome and thank you for your feedback. It is very much appreciated. I am glad that you found this post of great benefit to you and that it helped to shape your perspective.

I feel blessed to have you as my prayer warrior and give God honor for you. Blessings, Kimberly,. Thank you so much for loving Jesus Christ and your caring spirit for us all I will also pray for you in any area god bless you and our savior Lord Jesus Christ forever. Thanks Debra for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comment.

God bless you.

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  7. Have a great weekend! I am so motivated by these prayers My faith is strong and I believe it will only become stronger. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I am committing and I will be back to report. Since I first found this I have had money come from so many different locations Unexpected.

    Strategic Prayer | Tranforming Power Prayers - Trinity Escape

    I acquired a second employment part time. My income has increased and my responsibilities increased on another. Praise God, Evangelist Wilson I was blessed beyond measure by reading this post. I am going to commit to saying these strategic prayers for the next 7 days and by faith expect a turnaround in my finances. So glad that you were blessed by the post.

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    Yes,absolutely, please commit to reading the prayers! No telling what God can and will do when we chose to exercise faith in Him.

    Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer - Fervent in Prayer

    Hi Yvonne. Powerful prayers that will release financial blessings in our life. Money is indeed important in our daily life for material things but it does not answer everything. We can go to the waters of the Lord to buy milk and wine without money or price. Thank God for that! Base on verses 16 to 19 of chapter 10 in Eccl. You can see evidence of this in this world where the wealthy can get away with practically everything because their money can buy everything and almost anyone.

    Their money is their answer to everything and this become their god. We need wisdom before we gain wealth because the latter without the former leads to death. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend.