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The body of the guitar is mahogany and the neck and fretboard are made out of rosewood. There is also a TOM bridge and a tailpiece attached to this guitar. It comes in two color options, black and metallic gold. We have carefully devised a detailed buying guide for our readers, which will help you understand the different types of electric guitars for beginners and which one is best suited for your needs. As the title suggests, solid body electric guitars don't have a chamber or hole the way that an acoustic guitar does; instead, they're made of solid wood.

They're perfect for a wide range of musical situations.

How the stars set up their guitars

These guitars rely on the wood quality and their components to output sound. The Fender Stratocaster features cutaway horns that give musicians access to higher frets. The back of the body is designed for comfort for longer performances. These guitars have three single coil pickups which transfer the string vibrations to the amplifier. They can all be turned on at once to produce a wide range of sounds. It also features a tremolo bar which allows you to lower or raise the pitch, much like tremolo pedals themselves, by pulling up or down on the bar to produce different effects. Stratocasters are the best option if you like to dabble in different playing styles and music genres.

Telecasters are another guitar in Fender's lineup which includes a single cutaway to get at those higher frets. These guitars feature two single coil pickups which can be used separately or with each other for producing large-scale sounds. Telecasters are well-known for producing a thin, biting sound which is common in country music, but nowadays they are popular amongst indie musicians as well.

These aren't the ideal guitars for heavy metal or rock music. If you want to concentrate on country or indie music, a Telecaster can do the job for you. Les Pauls are all about that heavy metal feel and heavyweight. When they were first introduced, they had two p single coil pickups. Today, they use double humbucker pickups for outputting a thick, sustainable sound. Like Tele and Stratocasters, they have a single cutaway shape. Heavy rock musicians love Les Pauls.

Fender offers an affordable range of Les Paul electric guitars compared to Gibson, but Epiphone by Gibson is a hot item for the beginners. Play heavy rock or metal music? Listen up! These guitars feature a twin horn cutaway shape and a long-neck design. They can feel unbalanced because of the long neck.

They have two humbucker pickups like Les Paul guitars but have different volume and tone controls for precise settings. Semi-acoustic guitars have hollow bodies which give them a warmer and more dynamic range of sounds.

They are vulnerable to unwanted feedback as the distorted sound increases the chances of feedback. Many guitars have solid blocks inside for decreasing the feedback factor. No compromise here when it comes to looks and quality. These guitars are made up of a hybrid hollow and solid body. They also feature a solid block inside them for cutting off feedback and unleashing the full potential of your creativity. If you are into old-fashioned music and want to produce the same sound quality as your favorite old school tracks, the Rickenbacker s are known for their jangly, bright sound.

These guitars are perfect for achieving that '60s band style. Archtop guitars are hollow-bodied guitars which were once played as acoustics but can now be hooked up to an amp for that electric sound. They are known for producing thick and less sustained sound and are popular among jazz musicians. They are designed like old-fashioned violins. The back and tops are arched and are carved out of one piece of wood. One of the most widely used archtops is the Gibson ES, which comes with two humbucker pickups. It produces thick, dark sound. With its sleek design, the neck allows for fast chord playing as well.

If you want to play acoustically and get going with the amplification in concerts than archtops are the way to go.

8 reasons why your guitar won’t stay in tune

If you're just starting out, check out our list of the best ukes on the market. Ukuleles are easier for beginners to pick up , and are a great starting point. The SG Special by Epiphone is our hands down top pick. As you'll know by know, Epiphone is one of the best guitars manufactures in the business — so the quality of this guitar is absolutely amazing. Its epic red devilish double-cutaway design gives easy access to all 22 frets. It has a hard maple neck and a slim taper D-profile which ensures durability and rigidity.

The fretboard is made of rosewood which makes it easy to learn to play. This guitar is all about that rock sound - it's equipped with two open-coil and noise-free humbucker pickups.

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The hardware is carved from nickel and is available in two dazzling finishes, cherry, and ebony. It comes with master volume and master tone controls along with the long-lasting 3-way pickup selector for a bold and controllable performance.

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The most exclusive feature added by Epiphone is that by pushing a button you can mute all the outputs to add more rock and roll to your performance. Yamaha guitars have a good reputation over the years.

Vinyl Treasures: The Wes Montgomery Trio's 'A Dynamic New Sound'

The company is known for serving the best electronic guitars over a decade and are known for great tone and outstanding quality. PAC v by Yamaha is another sensational guitar which has topped our premium choice leaderboards. On the front, this guitar serves a maple neck which is coated by thin satin finish and has a C design that feels thinner for beginners and easy to handle. This guitar features an alder solid body. Vibrato design is slightly changed and enhanced with the addition of block saddles for adding a fair amount of firmness to the tone.

Likewise, they also give a precise breakpoint for the strings.

Unboxing a New Electric Guitar and How to Set It Up - Fender

Talking about pickups, pac v is equipped with a 5-way blade pickup selector. Similarly, master tone and volume controls are also provided for the neatest output. This guitar is available in 7 finishes, natural satin, old violin sunburst, raspberry red, sonic blue, black and silver metal. Like Epiphone, Yamaha is one of the top guitar brands around. The PAC v by Yamaha is another sensational guitar from this excellent company and is easily our number one choice for a premium guitar.

This guitar has a maple neck which is coated with a thin satin finish and has a C-design which is easy for beginners to handle. It features an alder solid body. The vibrato design is enhanced with the addition of block saddles for adding firmness to the tone. They also give a precise breakpoint for the strings. Speaking of pickups, the PAC v is equipped with a 5-way blade pickup selector.

Guitar Setups: The Essential Tools

There are master tone and volume controls for the neatest output. This guitar is available in seven finishes, natural satin, old violin sunburst, raspberry red, sonic blue, black, and silver metal. Our great value for money choice is the modern player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe by Fender. This guitar features a single cutaway design that helps beginners to access all 22 frets without any hassle. The body is made of mahogany. This guitar features two MP pickups that can be switched on at the same time to produce sweet yet aggressive sounds. This guitar is mainly used to play country and indie music.

This guitar has a radius of 9. It has a six saddle hard-tail bridge that allows precise settings and ease of adjusting string heights. The fingerboard is maple finished which makes for fast play. This guitar features three finishes sunburst, black transparent and vintage white. While buying your new or first ever guitar, you should know about the building blocks that makes up your guitar.

They are placed according to the shape and size of the head. They are arranged with either three or six on each side. They are usually in Fender Stratocaster guitars. Truss adjusters adjust the curve of the neck for keeping the strings aligned and to adjust the height of the strings. The nut is a little piece of plastic that has slots in it to hold each string individually. The nut keeps the strings aligned and supports the strings at the end of the head. The neck is a long piece of wood that connects the head and the body and holds down the fretboard, frets, nut, and tuners.

Frets are the horizontal metal strips on the fingerboard that divide the neck into fixed segments. Each segment represents one semitone. Basically, when strings are pressed against the frets it reduces the vibrating length of the string to the bridge and the next fret. There are three types of frets. Fan frets give the lower-pitched strings more length and the higher strings shorter length.