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Why Spikes Make You Faster

The following results are taken from my Strava account :. Two main things jump out at me immediately. How to explain this? When I ran in the old shoes, the lack of spring and shoe structure seemed to sap my drive. I could have pushed harder at times, but it felt more of a slog — like hard work. Their support and motion encouraged my running form, driving me forward like a train. My Conclusions. Leave a comment below! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Search for:. Are they as awesome as everything else you are wearing? The key to a comfortable run, is comfortable feet. Like choosing technical fabrics for your running top, your socks also need to be made for running, this will prevent discomfort, blisters and ultimately help you run faster. According to Orthology.

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Fabric is a vital component when choosing your running socks. Many athletes neglect the importance of fabric choice and opt to wear the usual cotton socks on their runs. Cotton holds in moisture, which means when you sweat, it stays within the sock and causes blisters. The best kind of fabrics for running are those which wick the moisture off the skin. The best natural fibre for running is wool. Wool has excellent sweat wicking capabilities and manages moisture much better than cotton. Wool also warms and cools the body, regulating the temperature of your feet and keeping you comfortable on your run.

Synthetic fibres are an extremely popular choice for running socks.

How Much Do Heavy Shoes Slow You Down?

They are light, affordable and provide a mixed bag of benefits depending on what you need. Studies have shown that synthetic fibre socks keep the feet at a significantly lower temperature than cotton socks.

Synthetic fibres include polyester, nylon and acrylic. These materials are sweat-wicking, breathable and are often more durable than their cotton counterparts. Running socks can come with a multitude of features that can really benefit your run and help you to stay light and fast.

Seamless running socks help to prevent chafing by getting rid of any stitched seams that may rub against the feet during movement.

Why the right running socks can make all the difference

Compression socks are designed to slightly compress the muscles to promote better blood flow through the legs and feet. Compression socks help with recovery and prevent muscle cramps and shin splints.

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Protection socks can provide extra padding on the toes, heels and ball of the foot to prevent blisters and minimise shock within high impact areas. Arch and ankle support socks use elasticated material to grip the foot and provide extra support and comfort. If you want to progress from walking to running, do it slowly, gradually increasing your speed , distance, and the frequency of your runs. Running may be more high-intensity and calorie-burning than walking, but walking is a great way to ease into exercise — no matter what your current health status — and make sure you're staying physically active every day.

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