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Other stories are more complicated, and, perhaps, least satisfying. The story ends with a suicide of an American movie actor, but the linkage between the suicide and the movie or other characters is unclear. The same criticism could be leveled at least two other stories in the collection. Not as words, but as a song that flows from the wave. Let go her hand. Letting go is the hard part. The rest is so easy. At other times, Mr. Enter your keywords.

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Destroy All Monsters, and Other Stories by Greg Hrbek - Necessary Fiction

Release Date:. September 1, Buy on Amazon. Reviewed by:. Morrigan Books, Available: new paperback. The Whisper Jar is a collection of nine stories, combining a wonderful mix of horror and fantasy.

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A zombie virus has ravaged society, although the government has managed to get it under control. Salvation House comes under attack at times and the nuns and the children must fend off the attackers. Lanham keeps you guessing through the entire story and then hits you in the gut with and unexpected and heartbreaking ending.

Carole Lanham writes with a touch of whimsy that draws you into what ultimately are very dark and macabre stories. She is also able to flawlessly meld a childlike innocence with an eerie eroticism that for me really makes The Whisper Jar a major standout.

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The stories are at times playful and then move into an almost unpredictable darkness. This is one collection that I highly recommend if you like your horror weird and disturbing.

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  • Contains: adult situations. Rymfire Books, Skeletal Remains is a cool little collection of nine short stories that center on the human skeleton.

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    All of the stories are well written and Gouveia has done an excellent job with the editing. The stories all have a nice flow and very unique subject matter. Skeletal Remains is a quick yet enjoyable read. Contains: violence and gore. Lore is a collection of short stories of speculative fiction. It encompasses horror, science fiction and fantasy. The cover itself is a beautiful wrap-around piece by famed artist Richard Corben. For a round-robin story I felt the prose should have been a little tighter.

    It is part of a fantasy series, The Throne of Bones, that takes place in another world. The prose is detailed, imaginative and dark, creating an eerie and somber atmosphere.

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    • Overall Lore is a good collection of multi-genre stories full of darkness, depression, eeriness, and a somber tone. If you are a fan of speculative fiction, then this one is for you. Contains adult situations and gore. Unspeakable and Other Stories by Lucy Taylor. Earlier this year, I finally got to read a short story by her, and I enjoyed every word of it. So I was ecstatic when our site was contacted by the author about reviewing her short story collection Unspeakable and Other Stories. Yes, her stories would be classified as erotic horror, but I don't think many readers would find themselves wanting a warm body to make love to after having read her work.

      Taylor's stories are sensual yet disturbing and are more likely leave you fearing the lover beside you.

      Gripping and chilling, I devoured this collection in small doses to make it last longer. Highly Recommended!

      Reviewed by: Rhonda Wilson. Dark Moon Books, Collected in Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations are 25 short stories from the horror and speculative fiction genres, unearthing our forgotten worlds and societies. Then, leaping into the void from there, each writer suggests a gruesome alternate history. The stories range from mildly disturbing to downright terrifying, although none are particularly visceral. This element keeps the collection rooted in the possible, making it scarier, perhaps, than the current saturation of seductive monster-based and slasher fiction. The prevailing understatement of gore makes the book a good choice for treating high school history students to a read-aloud on stormy afternoons.

      It begins with an old Sioux legend, a tragedy involving brothers mocking their gods. This would be a great piece to read in conjunction with Native American studies; short, pointed, and entirely in character with the original mythology. Classic horror tension builds steadily from start to finish as the reader watches helplessly while the explorers, desperately frightened and warned away at every step, still insist on carrying onward to their doom. They open a vault made deliberately impassable; descend into terrifying darkness and stench; ignore a menacing, unearthly, drumbeat, and are climactically pursued into madness by the unnameable horror they unwittingly release.

      The writing is metaphorical and skillfully done. Recommended for grades 6 and up. Contains: mild to moderate violence, mild myth-based sex, implied cannibalism. Reviewed by: Sheila Shedd.

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      Multiplex Fandango by Weston Ochse. Over the years I have heard nothing but good things about the works of Weston Ochse. Having never read anything by him, I was looking forward to having the opportunity to check out his collection, Multiplex Fandango. I was happy to discover that everything I had heard was accurate. Multiplex Fandango is a collection of sixteen of Ochse's short stories and not a one is disappointing. Reading through this collection, I could easily see that Ochse cares about what he writes, as his feelings pour out onto the pages.

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      I'm sure favorites will vary by reader, but there is something for everyone in this stand-out collection. This was my first, but definitely not last, adventure into the mind of Weston Ochse. Highly recommended! Four Legs in the Morning is a compilation of three short stories that can be read individually; however, they all intertwine and are best read together.

      All three stories center on Dr. Sibley, chair of the English department at Grayson University, a man you never want to cross. Each story describes in terrifying detail what can become of those who attempt to slight Dr. Sibley; but did Dr. Sibley actually do anything to them? The answers are unknown, as they should be. This is a literary work in its truest form. He has a gift for language and description, bringing his characters and settings to life. Prentiss is the epitome of a story weaver; each of the three stories intertwine, relate back to one another, twisting and turning and bringing you right back to the beginning all over again.

      Recommended for adult fiction collections; however, since this is a Signature Series title, it might be difficult to purchase because of the limited quantity and its price. Cut Corners, Vol. Sinister Grin Press, All three stories were terrifying in a different way and most enjoyable. For readers not familiar with these three authors, this is a great introduction to each of them. For a new press, this is an impressive first lineup and will leave readers curious as to what will be coming out next from this small press.

      Highly recommended for all library collections. As librarians and horror fans make arrangements to purchase the latest Sherlock Holmes movie or TV series video collection, may I also suggest picking up Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes to add to your display?

      The third anthology of a series of Gaslight Sherlock Holmes compilations the others being Gaslight Grimoire and Gaslight Grotesque , this short story collection with a supernatural edge is both a notable and a noble tribute to the Great Consulting Detective. However, this aside, the book is well worth purchasing.

      I recommend Gaslight Arcanum for Sherlock Holmes fans and anyone who enjoys a good mystery. Contains: gore, violence, the supernatural. Available: New, Used, and digital. For most people, there is nothing more terrifying than waking up and going into work day after day. Peter Giglio shows just how valid this fear is as he brings together twenty-five authors and stories in Help! These are just a few of the magnificent and utterly terrifying stories in this collection. Do yourself a favor and read this book… unless, of course, you think it will make it that much more difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

      Consider yourself warned!

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      Gathered Dust and Others by W.