Guide Methoden zur Kontrolle der Logistikplanung (German Edition)

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Juni , Oldenburg , Meixner, Volker Bucher, Marc Brecht. Ahmed Gdoura, Jacquelyn D.

Optical designs to improve LED lighting efficiency of medical endoscopes. Licht September , Optimierung des Schleifprozesses durch den Einsatz von Laser. Chang, Ch. Patient-ventilator asynchrony.

Pflege und Betreuung im digitalen Wandel. November , Wiesbaden, Deutschland , Regional analysis of airway abnormalities in cystic fibrosis employing Electrical Impedance Tomography. Sensorpositionierung bei einem Smart-Shirt zur Atemanalyse bei Spontanatmung. Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems , Service Prototyping: Design Dimensions.

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Situation-Aware Access Control for Industrie 4. Small molecule detection with aptamer based lateral flow assays: Applying aptamer-C-reactive protein cross-recognition for ampicillin detection. Study of specific energy in grinding of tungsten carbide. Study of the effects of laser micro structuring on grinding of silicon nitride ceramics.

The effect of dressing parameters on micro-grinding of titanium alloy. Welchen Einfluss hat die Technik? A Process mining framework to simulate and predict patient pathways and health related costs based on medical claim data.

Methoden Zur Kontrolle Der Logistikplanung -

A simulation study on the ventilation inhomogeneity measured with Electrical Impedance Tomography. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering , An approach for generating patient specific exoskeletons—seamless process chain for bionic lightweight design including 3d scanning, topology optimisation, polyNURBS modelling and AM.

An investigation of the modeling error of linearization for EIT reconstruction. Analysierung des Trockenschleifens mit strukturierter Schleifscheibe. Can I offer you some water? Cardiac frequency and cutaneous microcirculation during and after exercising in the view of physical condition. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation , Concept for transfer of driver assistance algorithms for blind and visually impaired people. Controlled energy release based on explosive porous silicon. Defining camera-based traffic scenarios and use cases for the visually impaired by means of expert interviews.

Der Einfluss von assistiven Technologien auf Belastungssituationen von professionell Pflegenden in ambulant-intensiven Wohngemeinschaften. Wie viel Technik braucht die Pflege? ENI , Riedel, Markus Egert. Docherty, Yeong S. Chiew, Daniel Redmond, James G. Differences in respiratory mechanics estimation with respect to manoeuvres and mathematical models.

EIT based pulsatile impedance monitoring during spontaneous breathing in cystic fibrosis. EIT reconstruction using higher order TV regularization. EMD inspired filtering algorithm for signal analysis in the context of non intrusive load monitoring. Effect of rotor type and formamide concentration on the separation of isotope-labeled and unlabeled Escherichia coli RNA by isopycnic density ultracentrifugation. Tagungsband zur 5. Riedel, Wayne Young, Markus Egert. Effect of rotor type on the separation of isotope-labeled and unlabeled Escherichia coli RNA by isopycnic density ultracentrifugation.

Effects and use of age-appropriate assistive technologies — evaluation methods and tools for multidisciplinary research projects. Patrick W. Effizienzsteigerung von Photovoltaik Batteriesteuerung durch geschicktes Load Monitoring. Etablierte und neue Konstruktionsmethoden geschickt kombinieren. Evaluation of thermal damages and residual stresses in dry grinding by structured wheels. Intelligentes Energiemonitoring elektrischer Verbraucher. Introduction to a Service Prototyping Tool Box.

Laser-assisted grinding of silicon nitride by picosecond laser. Lobe based image reconstruction in Electrical Impedance Tomography. Lung mechanics - airway resistance in the dynamic elastance model. Model based prediction of plateau pressure in mechanically ventilated patients. Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering , Modeling of the micro-grinding process considering the grinding tool topography.

Modelling of the micro-grinding process considering the grinding tool topography. International Journal of Abrasive Technology , Neuer Ansatz zur Entwicklung von industriellen Dienstleistungen.

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