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Lightspeed 32, January Reviewed by Cyd Athens. Wise has the burning of books as a critical plot element. Wise treats the topic from the perspective of two Librarians determined to save their books by doing much more than memorizing them. When she finally does speak the words, she realizes that he is dead. With nothing to keep her there, she abandons her house by the sea and sets out for the Library on the Mountain.

There, she is given a new name, Alba, and a new purpose, caring for some of the books. It is in the course of this duty that she meets the Novice, Eleuthere. When Alba learns that the Librarians are willing to save their charges any way they can from the soldiers they expect to burn the library, she decides to join them.

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The story is a celebration of commitment to words. Anderson, SF Signal "[A] story that works powerfully by the means of its well-drawn characters. Arkenberg ends the tale with a surprise—an unexpected truism that goes well with the titular liqueur and lingers like the taste of wormwood. James ghost story, a combination skillfully handled to the inevitable conclusion. Sinister, and faintly surreal.

Author Spotlight with T. Megan Arkenberg's "The Copperroof War", about the results of an uprising in a vast house" - Rich Horton "What I especially like here is the way the chronology plays out, starting when the war begins and then alternating sections with one continuing the war and its consequences, the other proceeding backwards to give the context. Also near the sea.

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Weightless Books. Robot illustration by Serj Iulian. Connolly — The issue of representation of men and women in science fiction is one that has caused much discussion. Publications from Slush Some markets draw all of their published stories from open submissions, while others draw from a combination of slush submissions, reprints, and stories solicited from authors.

Reprints data for SF stories was available, but data for solicited stories was not. Submissions: Samples and Variation As mentioned in the previous article, please note that this is a study of apparent gender. Read and replied for thirty days during the months of January and February Apex Read and replied from January 1st - February 18th Sample 1 Read and replied from January 1st - February 18th Sample 2 This market did not look at the submissions that were received in a certain time period, but rather at the submissions which were replied to.

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No submissions data available This market did not look at the submissions that were received in a certain time period, but rather at the submissions which were replied to. Bull Spec a Total number of submissions for last open subs.

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Submissions received October 1st - October 10th and November 1st - November 5th. No submissions data available. Clarkesworld Submissions received for year seven which ranged from October - October Submissions received for year seven which ranged from October - October Daily Science Fiction Three weeks of submissions during February Stories read in February, May, and April All submissions in open period from January 1st - January 14th Flash Fiction Online a Total number of submissions in Submissions received October October was an unusually busy month.

IGMS a Total submissions for year Sample 1 b Submissions received January Total submissions for Lightspeed was open to submissions in June and July of Submissions data from that portal was incorporated into these results.

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Nature Total submissions for Strange Horizons Two weeks of , six months apart. Two weeks of , six months apart. Submissions Volume In addition to looking at the proportions of submissions by gender, it is also interesting to look at the number of submissions received by each market. Submissions Ratios Overall, we see a much smaller degree of variance between markets with Submissions than we saw with Publications.

All Submissions Range - Submissions by Men: The median ratios are No market received more submissions from women than from men. As in the previous article, I tested to see if these differences were significant, and found: The differences in submissions ratios between markets are significant, both for all submissions and science fiction submissions specifically. Science Fiction Submissions by Genre of Market I have no evidence to say that women make up a smaller proportion of submissions for science fiction only markets than for mixed-genre markets.

Gender Split of Science Fiction Subs I found a moderate-strong positive correlation, so there is a tendency for mixed genre-publications who receive a high proportion of total submissions from one gender to also receive a high proportion of science fiction submissions from that gender.

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