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Instead he runs into his old amigos, the Chimichango gang. With yips and yowls, he drives the big baddie away, so all the dino-dudes can rattle their bones another day.

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School is for dogs, his mama tells him. But nothing can stop Skippy-once inside his closet, he finds himself on the playground of his imagination, surrounded by dogs of all kinds.

Dogs: Books For Kids

He bays with the beagles, learns French with the poodles, and checks out a Chihuahua book from the library. And when a bully starts sending shiver-itos down the spines of the little yippers, Skippy saves the day and earns the biggest gold star. Ladybug Girl Loves Ladybug Girl is Lulu, a little girl who loves to dress up in her ladybug costume and use her imagination to turn every moment into an adventure.

In this board book, readers will learn about the many loves of Ladybug Girl, from climbing the tallest trees to playing with her friends on the playground. And her beloved dog, Bingo, is always by her side! Want to see 6 more children's books about dogs and imagination? The illustrations for this story are beyond amazing and add so much additional detail, emotion, suspense and depth to this story that was already pretty great to begin with.

The only thing Bobby wants for his birthday is a pet shark. So you can imagine his disappointment when his parents get him…a puppy. Everyone knows shark lovers can never become dog lovers. Or can they?

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She even has a list of all the ways there are to make the wish, such as cutting off the pointed end of a slice of pie and wishing on it as she takes the last bite. But when she is sent to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to live with family she barely knows, it seems unlikely that her wish will ever come true. That is until she meets Wishbone, a skinny stray dog who captures her heart, and Howard, a neighbor boy who proves surprising in lots of ways.

Suddenly Charlie is in serious danger of discovering that what she thought she wanted may not be what she needs at all.

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This title has Common Core connections. Sara and Susan share tea, cookies, crab cakes, and stories about hats when they visit their favorite relative, Aunt Flossie. She feeds them a hearty breakfast cookies are best , picks up their toys teddy bears fit nicely in freshly dug holes , and even walks them to school running them there is fun too.

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Spot Goes Shopping - Grocery shopping is a treat with Spot! Spot is helping his mom shop at the grocery store. He gets to have his very own shopping cart, and helps pick out the cheese, eggs, cereal, and juice. His mom may even have a tasty surprise for him since he helped out so well! Mysterious noises keep waking up the Wimbledon family. After a bath and drying off in his warm, fuzzy towel, Spot chooses a favorite book for a bedtime story.

Any young child can relate to the ritual of preparing for bedtime with this board book, now available with a bold, colorful cover. Ladybug Girl Says Good Night - Bedtime is the focus of this concept board book in the Ladybug Girl series, perfect for readers ages 1 to 3. Bedtime can be fun, especially for Ladybug Girl and Bingo. From bath-time bubble beards, to pajamas with wings, to special good-nights for all of her stuffed animals, Ladybug Girl puts her own unique and cozy twist on the nightly ritual.

Buster and the Baby - Buster the dog and a baby engage in a playful game of chase all day. Spot Loves Bedtime - Snuggle up and get ready for bed with your favorite puppy, Spot! This simple, reassuring story is perfect for sharing at bedtime.

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Hello, Moose! Goodbye, Moose. Through a series of escalating escapes, this loyal dog always finds her way back to Zara, and with a little bit of training and one great idea, the two friends find a way to be together all day long. Anna has a loose tooth! But while Anna is poking at her loose tooth, class clown Justin keeps poking fun at Anna and her friends. Anna tries to make Justin leave them alone and gets pulled into a high-stakes bet. Anna has two favorite things: her best friend, Sadie, and her dog, Banana.

She and Banana just need to come up with a plan. With a little help from her dog, Jelly, Penny tries out various talents—from dancing to unicycling, fashion designing to snake charming—with disastrous results. Spot Loves School - Enjoy the first day of school with Spot!

He and his friends sing together, play together, and read together. Young readers will love going to school with their favorite puppy Spot. Young dog fans will love discovering all the weird and wild facts, viewing the cool illustrations and diagrams, and examining the unique 3-D layered model of a dog. Perfect for curious kids, ages 8 and up. How well do you know our favorite furry companion? Did they really descend from wolves? And just how smart are they? Join one friendly mutt on a journey to discover the secret origin of dogs, how genetics and evolution shape species, and where in the world his favorite ball bounced off to.

Every volume of Science Comics offers a complete introduction to a particular topic—dinosaurs, coral reefs, the solar system, volcanoes, bats, flying machines, and more. These gorgeously illustrated graphic novels offer wildly entertaining views of their subjects. Something Rotten - When Heather L. Her fascination with roadkill sets her off on a journey from her own backyard and the roadways of the American South to scientists and kids in labs and homes across the globe. From biologists who use the corpses of Tasmanian devils to investigate cures for a contagious cancer, to a scientist who discovered a whole new species of bird from a single wing left behind, to a boy rebuilding animal bodies from the bones up, to a restaurant that serves up animal remnants, Heather discovers that death is just the beginning for these creatures.

This engaging narrative nonfiction is an eye-opening and irreverent look at the dead and dying animals that we pass by without a second thought—as well as a fascinating insight to the scientific research process. With the assistance of a quirky neighbor named Nina who is convinced an alien took the doggie and her ever-growing collection of gadgets, Ada sets out to find the wrongdoer. As their investigation becomes more and more mysterious, Ada and Nina grow closer, proving that opposites do, in fact, attract. McDuff, a little grey dog that no one seems to want, is surprisingly appealing for a stray.

It is easy to see how life with Lucy and Fred would be appealing for McDuff—from their lovely home furnishings to their cozy habits, their picture-perfect life is missing just one thing—a dog. The text is on the spare side as if told from the perspective of the dog. Although I am not sure which decade she was aiming for, I have always liked the period feel of the illustrations. Our family has never had a dog but, in the context of this book, even I find the idea of having a dog appealing. Smelly Bill - Bill the dog loves smelly things, like muddy ponds and rubbish bins.

Will the arrival of Great Aunt Bleach put an end to his smelly ways, or will Bill live to stink another day? Hannah politely declines to pet Sugar, because Hannah is afraid of dogs. He gets lost. This heartwarming story told with bold, beautiful illustrations and sparse text is a perfect read-aloud book and great for beginning readers. Good Dog, Carl - Grammy - It was really interesting for me, coming back to this book after so many years. Other scenes, though called for a little suspension of reality, like when the baby went down the laundry chute and landed perfectly fine in a pile of clothing at least one story down in the house.

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center - Why Adopt?

The illustrations, rich with color, are wonderful and the very limited text allows for plenty of opportunities to talk about what is happening on each page, including plausibility, if you are so inclined. Carl is the dog that every family needs and wants. The Dalmatians - Pongo the Dalmatian and his wife Missis undertake a daring expedition to rescue their fifteen puppies from the clutches of the vicious Cruella de Vil.

Doggies - Grammy - The is a fun counting book, working up to 9 dogs, each making a different dog sound—all the favorites!

'It's Not A Lovable Pet Story' By Chuck Keyes

It is fun for toddlers to remember and help make the different doggie sounds. There is a good variety of identifiable dogs, and just one cat, to keep things interesting! Ribsy - When Ribsy, a city dog, strays from Henry Huggins, he sets off a chain of hilarious events as he tries to make the best of his separation from home.

The Call of the Wild - Life is good for Buck in Santa Clara Valley, where he spends his days eating and sleeping in the golden sunshine. But one day a treacherous act of betrayal leads to his kidnap, and he is forced into a life of toil and danger. Dragged away to be a sledge dog in the harsh and freezing cold Yukon, Buck must fight for his survivial. Can he rise above his enemies and become the master of his realm once again? With an inspirational introduction by award-winning author Melvyn Burgess, The Call of the Wild is one of the twenty wonderful classic stories being reissued in Puffin Classics in March Contrary Dogs - Lift the flaps to learn about opposites from the lovable dogs in this humorous board book.

A small green dog runs across the page — but a lift of the accordion flap stretches him out into a long, lanky pup. Dogs of all shapes and sizes transform into surprising new forms in this vibrant, interactive play on opposites.