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The Meaning Of "Don't Blame Me" Could Be About Taylor Swift's Battle With The Media

Michael T. Flynn, the new national security adviser, is not being held to account for spreading vile lies about Clinton on social media, even after those lies were connected to an armed invasion of a pizza place in Washington, D. Stephen Bannon, the newly appointed chief strategist, is not to be held responsible, we are told, for all the racist and sexist garbage he published on Breitbart News.

And Senator Jeff Sessions, whom Trump chose as attorney general, should not be accountable for his racist comments. It is a fact that the Trump campaign gave a platform to white supremacists. The only question is whether the Trump presidency will do the same. Many Americans who voted for Trump may not consider themselves racist, but they cast a ballot for a candidate who espoused racism and xenophobia and told lie after lie without remorse. They have to take responsibility for their decision, and so do the people who choose to work for Trump.

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It has been sickening to see Mitt Romney, who achieved some respect when he denounced Trump during the campaign, bending his knee in hope of being named secretary of state. The advice may be questionable, but always well meaning.

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Taylor Swift NOW: The Making Of A Song (Don't Blame Me)

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