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This log has holly leaves and berries. Small circular patterns show where the log has been cut. Product Dimensions Length: Width: 8.

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Aartsz, P.

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The container is removable for easy cleaning and can hold up to 2 litres of liquid. Speech volume is adjustable. Size: mm Powered by 1 standard PP3 9v alkaline battery not included. Use them as fridgies, plant picks, or hang on buttons or shoes. Some of the projects include snowflake, ice cream cone, daffodil, tulip, dinosaur and football. There are six safari friends; size G and H hooks recommended.

Knit two ways—flat or circular. Make scarves, baby blankets, booties, hats, and so much more.

Make baby blankets, scarves, pot holders, and much more! Three easy ways to knit: flat, double, and circular. Set includes 4 looms, 1 hook, 1 needle, and easy-to-follow instructions. More than delicious recipes. Lifestyle tips for better control. Steps to prevent complications. Very interesting reading! This is a fascinating book for those who want to learn more about the Plain People. Telephones, taboo in homes, stand at the end of farm lanes. Powerful tractors, used at Amish barns, rarely venture into fields. State-of-the-art calculators are permissible, but not computers.

Clothing, styled in traditional patterns, is made from synthetic materials. Read this book and find out why. Like a cup of coffee at the country cafe, an amusing joke shared among friends creates warmth and cheer.

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They make good, informative and entertaining reading. This book of informative and humorously told stories gives a new and revealing perspective as to how people who either are born blind or become blind in later life, deal with and live normal lives. Our pages—graced by real life stories told by the people who lived them, vintage ads, newspaper and magazine clippings, and icons of pop culture—capture the best of the past to delight readers both young and old.

His brothers and sister left their small town with the hope of finding a brighter future in a big city, which left him and his parents to survive those tough years on their own. The work is a collection of WWII memories, letters, photographs, etc.

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Different aspects of the war are covered by those who were actually there, either here on the Home Front or from those Over There. This book is ideal for those searching for lost memories or those who seek a more personal touch from those times. The author also tries to solve the mystery of why saloons were so popular. This book not only defines them but also gives their origin. As you read, allow these verses to bring cheer, comfort, peace, relief and solace into your life.

The author tries to appeal to the ordinary person without using a lot of fancy words. These poems are easy to read and will be an asset to your personal library. This valuable birding reference contains practical hints and tips that will attract more winged activity. Different religious persuasions will enjoy this unique book.

The approach is reverent and brings a fascinating new perspective to a story we have known all our lives. Maier unveils fresh historical evidence that the sepulcher of Jesus actually was empty on the first Easter morning. Categorized by theme, and indexed by author and first line, this is a collection that will be treasured by the young and not-so-young alike. Or, the story of Larry Lujack and how a crazed pilot me!


My new book includes a special CD that returns you to those fun years. Buy the whole collection, get one free. It was printed in , but to our knowledge, it is no longer available. It would be a shame to see this information be lost. Tips on restoring food such as raisins and dates to freshness are also given.