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God’s Account of the Fall in Genesis 3

Roughly ten hours after this believed creation was the start of not only the weekly Bible Sabbath but also the High Holy day known as the Feast of Trumpets Rosh Hashanah. The above date, which is open to considerable debate, would admittedly fulfill the Biblical requirement that man was created on the sixth day sunset Thursday to sunset Friday, see Genesis and then rested with God when the Sabbath arrived at sunset Friday Genesis - 3.

The oldest person to have lived is Methuselah Genesis , who almost made it to celebrate his one-thousandth birthday he lived years. He is in an elite group of humans who lived for more than years. The average life span of the eleven generations born before the flood, delineated in Genesis, is years.

Which two men lived such incredibly long lives that they, together, span the entire time from man's creation to the great flood? These two men are Adam Genesis and Methuselah. Adam lived to be and overlapped Methuselah's life by years. Methuselah died in B. Why is Abel absent in the lineage of Jesus Christ see Luke ? The likely reason is that Scripture does not record he produced any children.

After his murder, the Bible declares that Adam and Eve produced a third son named Seth, who Luke lists in the physical lineage of our Savior. Who was the world's first martyr, meaning a person who died due to their faith in God? It was Abel, who was murdered in cold blood by his older brother Cain Genesis - This incident is also the first recorded murder of one human by another found in Scripture. The first book of Scripture delineates ten men that represent the first ten generations in the lineage of Jesus Genesis 5, Luke - Scripture, except for Adam, states when each of these men produced their firstborn son.

An Overview of Genesis 3

The average age when their firstborn came into the world is If we assume Adam was when Cain was born he was when he produced Seth , then the average age goes down to One day God asks Cain for the location of his brother. Like a little child, Cain offers a rather terse response to hide his disobedience by feigning ignorance and denying any responsibility on his part.

Is Evolution Compatible with the Bible?

When asked about the whereabouts of Abel, Cain who was Abel's older brother states, "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper [guardian, protector, attendant]? After God discovers Abel has been murdered he decides to punish Cain for his grievous sin. Such an act justly deserves the death penalty see Genesis - 6. God, however, mercifully allows Cain to live but curses any attempts he makes to grow food. He also sentences him to be a wanderer Genesis Cain's self-centered response, which not only lacks any remorse for his sin but also does not acknowledge God's mercy, is "My punishment is greater than I can bear" verse More Trivia!

Genesis and man's creation Some Jewish traditions place the creation of Adam and Eve, found in the first chapter of the book of Genesis, at exactly 8 a.

About the Book of Genesis

The serpent implied first that God is less than He is and that man is more than he is. In other words, he implied that God felt threatened by the wonderful beings that they would become, so He restricted their full humanity. Although Adam and Eve had depended on God to explain reality for them, the serpent suggested that they could now become autonomous and decide what is true for themselves.

Those women deliberately weighed their circumstances and then took action Genesis , 9. To her, self-determination was more desirable than continued trust in and obedience to God. He knew exactly what God had said and was entirely culpable.

The Book of Genesis - Part 1 of 2

The immediate result of their sin was far different from their fantasy. They realized what they had done, and their sense of shame caused them to cover themselves. They would not know the full consequences of their choice, however, until they heard from their Creator, whose Word they had defied. The novice sinners responded to God in ways that are all too familiar to us.

First, they felt shame, resulting in concealment. Verse 8 indicates that they tried to go unnoticed by an omnipresent Creator by blending with vegetation! Third, they felt guilt, but then compounded their offense by shifting blame vv.

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In contrast to Adam and Eve, God did not invite the serpent to repent. Instead, God decreed a series of three judgments—first upon the serpent, then the woman, and finally the man.

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  • Here we see a clear indication that Satan is behind the serpent, especially in light of Revelation The text itself invites us to find an interpretation that goes beyond mere biology. Satan, a spirit being, cannot produce seed; and clearly a woman does not produce seed. The age-long conflict between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan Matthew —; John —12 will continue until the end Revelation Because Eve manipulated her husband, she will struggle in domestic life.

    Difficulty will plague her role as a mother multiplied pain in childbirth and as a wife marital conflict with her husband. The battle of the sexes had begun. By eating the forbidden food, Adam abandoned his headship over his wife and his dominion over the creation. Besides domestic struggle v. The domain of man is cursed and will no longer yield its fruit easily. He was initially to have dominion over the ground, but now the ground will resist and finally devour him. He died instantly in terms of his spiritual relationship with God, and he began to die physically.

    Genesis 3 is with us still. This passage of Scripture is full of personal applications. Second, in contrast to the claims of modern social engineering, we should not blame sin on our childhood or environment. Yet they rebelled against God. Like Adam and Eve, we would choose to sin, even in a perfect environment. Third, sin ultimately led to the ravages we see around us daily—particularly physical pain due to disease natural evil and emotional pain due to sinful choices moral evil.

    The death of Christ is the only case of a genuinely innocent person suffering, and He did so to reconcile us to God. He had to pay for our sins so that some day he can end evil and suffering without ending us. From eternity past, God ordained a plan, knowing full well that He would become the chief victim of that plan to purchase our redemption and our eternal good. To God be the glory!

    Why Should You Read the Book of Genesis in the Bible? - Bible Study

    Consider four points. First, would we have acted any differently than Adam, as the representative head of our race, if we had been there? Second, God chose Adam as our head, which means, unless God is malevolent, that choice was made for ultimate good.