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Pete Doherty eats a handful of oats he found between some sofa cushions. Pete Doherty consumed a minute mega breakfast because he fundamentally hasn't had a solid since , and his body craved and needed it, and then he washed it down with Yazoo. It's the only explanation. Can't Stand Me Now was good, making an entire generation of lads who knew between six to eight guitar chords buy a stiff red jacket with their first student loan payment was good, the last ten years have been bad. But this: this. This really is up there with his greatest hits. I've taken punches to the face and looked slightly less dazed and battered than Pete Doherty did at this point of the breakfast, and he was still only about halfway through.

At what point through a bellybuster challenge do you start to think: I've made a huge mistake? Because, I think — in that photo of Pete Doherty wearing an enormous coat and half-squinting at a sausage, almost visibly suppressing a burp — the photographer here might have captured a perfect, pure moment of regret. Observe: at the start of the breakfast, Doherty is wearing a coat. At the end of the breakfast, Doherty is not wearing a coat.

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I posit this: the sheer carnage of eating four or five breakfasts' worth of breakfast put Doherty's frail-but-un-killable body under such strain that he started to overheat and sweat, and he had to lose his coat to finish the chips. I imagine he's still hot, wherever he is. Lying in bed, sweat soaked into the sheets, staring sleepless at the ceiling, gout already setting in, body temperature red-lining up around the danger mark.

There's a baby on the ceiling, Pete. There's a baby up there because you ate too many beans. And it is true that we are all talking about Pete Doherty now, again, and will be for some years. But I also fundamentally think: if this were a planned PR stunt, it would truly be one of the weirdly least-flattering ones in history — and I include Alex Reid paying a bloke to attack him in that canon — and if this were a PR stunt, it dismisses the basic central frequency of Doherty, which is a man who would just very mildly and quietly absolutely monster a Mega Breakfast, and it suspends disbelief, in the world and the capabilities within it, and I think it's actually quite cynical.

There are other iron-bellied men out there who have done this challenge. Six giants walk among us. And now a seventh, Pete Doherty.

Five or six people have completed the challenge: the exact figure is blurry. I am telling you right now that at least two of those people are dead. You do not eat four rashers of bacon, four eggs, four sausages, hash browns and onion rings and bubble and squeak, plus beans, plus two slices of thick bread plus a burger and chips without dying or greatly increasing your chances of dying.

You know how every time you do coke it contorts and monsters your heart? Think what a Mega Breakfast does to it. You're putting hard calcified cholesterol on there to never come out. Does that mean this is a slow death knell for Pete Doherty?

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I actually think this is going to make him stronger. I feel like Doherty will still be around in 70, 80 years. Pete Doherty will outlive you, and me, and your parents and your kids. The man just ate four sausages plus the rest without dying.

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